6 Causes Of Liked Mosquitoes

Itching on the hands due to mosquito bites is annoying. However, it would be more annoying if it turns out that mosquitoes only gather on you, while you are with other people and he is just calm because there are no mosquitoes that bother him. Some people are “preferred” by mosquitoes. Maybe you are one of them. If you feel disturbed by the presence of mosquitoes at home, don’t hesitate to contact pest control Perth so you can sleep and enjoy your activities at home comfortably. So, why someone is “liked” by mosquitoes?

1. Genetic Factors
Genetic factors can be the cause of someone being “liked” by mosquitoes. This is supported by a study that found that attracting or not a person’s body odor for mosquitoes depends on genetic conditions.

2. Body Odor
Apart from genetic factors, body odor which is considered attractive by mosquitoes also depends on the bacteria on the skin. A study shows that certain types and amounts of bacteria that live naturally on human skin affect a person’s attractiveness in the eyes of a mosquito. This is because microbes on the skin will produce different chemicals, and some of them will produce a body odor that is more attractive to mosquitoes.

3. Blood Type
Unwittingly, blood type can also be an attraction for mosquitoes. A study has found that mosquitoes prefer the blood of people with blood type O compared to blood groups A / B / AB. Besides, mosquitoes also prefer people who emit chemical signals that show their blood type through the skin than those who do not.

4. Carbon Dioxide
In addition to body odor, carbon dioxide exhaled by a person can also be an attraction for mosquitoes. The mosquito will use an organ called the maxillary palp to detect carbon dioxide from a distance of about 49 meters. One study even mentioned that mosquitoes will be increasingly attracted to people who exhale carbon dioxide.

5. Physical Activity
Heavy physical activity increases the buildup of lactic acid and body heat, thus making you more “favored” by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can smell lactic acid, ammonia, and other substances that break down with sweat only at close range.

6. Shirt Color
If someone says the color of dark clothes is more “like” mosquitoes, that’s right. This is supported by the statement of an entomologist who said that dark shirts like black, dark blue, and red are more “preferred” by mosquitoes. While brightly colored clothes are not so “preferred” by mosquitoes because brightly colored clothes make it easy for mosquitoes to be known.

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