Making Wooden Photo Frames

As a medium for capturing special moments, the existence of photos certainly adds to the liveliness and as a symbol of all precious memories. Starting from the moment of birth, getting older, graduation, and various other special moments. One way to make printed photos look more attractive and beautiful while protecting them is to frame them. You can use picture frame underpinner.

Prepare the frame ideas you want. For example, align the photo with the color of the frame you want, or the shape of the frame. Do you want an easy minimalist frame, or do you want a frame with various ornaments with various thicknesses? In this section, you also have to know the size of the frame compared to the photo, so you don’t make a mistake when making it.

First, you have to place the photo on a mat if you want to give some space between the photo and the frame. Mats can be made of whatever you want, such as cardboard, duplex cardboard, and others as long as they have a smooth but strong texture. Generally, this mat is white, but you can also experiment with other colors to make it more unique. Then, measure the base of the photo, and place the photo on the base. If you want to make the photo appear borderline, increase the base by about 3 to 4cm. This will make the photo look more elegant. Then, if you have marked it, cut the outer side of the photo base with a cutter to make it look neat.

Once you’ve cut out the outside, you’ll also need to trim the inside of the base to make room for the photo to enter. Mark exactly according to the size of the photo, and cut exactly on those lines. As much as possible don’t make it too wide, because it certainly won’t look good! If you have, then you can insert the photo into the pedestal hole.

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