Self Therapy Is Powerful against Depression  

Patients with depressive disorders need to be supported with empathy, stressing that they can be helped and treated. Most of them feel hopeless and feel helpless. Such empathic tells them to smile, rejoice, do not be lazy, hang out, etc. Should be avoided because it will make them worse off. Yoga is one of the recommended therapies for patients with depression. Yoga comes from Sanskrit “yuj” which means union or union. The purpose of the unification is the union of body, breath, and mind. Meanwhile, according to the ancient book, yoga is the science that allows us to live a harmonious life through the control of mind and body. Numerous studies suggest that yoga is useful in relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety, correcting acute mood disorders and allowing the modulation of cortisol that can make a person feel relaxed. That’s why the ayahuasca healing put forward the method of yoga as a hug for the cure of depression. You can find more on our website.

The variation in providing yoga therapy depends on the complaints experienced by the patient, but this therapy can not be performed in patients who have decreased mobility or disability. Provision of yoga therapy must meet several aspects that become a requirement in yoga activities that are thinking, saying and doing right. Physical exercise (asana); Breathing exercises (pranayama); Rest (relaxation); meditation; And the right diet. There are various techniques for doing yoga, whether it’s from the asana to breathing exercises. To overcome depression required effective yoga techniques and in accordance with the severity of depression and patient response to yoga therapy.

In addition to overcoming depression, yoga is also beneficial to the respiratory system. Breathing exercises (pranayama) on yoga is done by regulating the breath slowly and deeply which is about 3-4 times per minute. This breathing exercise will increase the amount of air exchanged in the lungs. Under normal conditions, the amount of air entering the lungs in one minute is as much as 16 x 500 ml, while at the time of doing yoga exercises the number increases up to 4 x 4800 ml. Thus doing yoga will enrich the oxygen in the body. Some of the benefits of yoga on the respiratory system include increased respiratory capacity, improved breathing arrangements, and increased oxygen supply.

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