Treat Seasonal Illness With Care and Defend Your Body From Seasonal Illness

I say many because there are other sources of voluntary illness accepted by people in different ways, but still, even in these cases the source is always the mind, the need of the ability to meet challenges under such adversity. I have briefly explained a few of these issues, since we do not deal with them here, you can return to the last article if you want to be updated on this topic. In this article, I want to try my best, to explain in words what cannot really be explained using language alone, so I ask you to ask you in the spiritual world to try to have a sense of things. I will say here. It is only when these destructive beliefs and attitudes become a way of life for all intents and purposes and are carried over a long period of time that they destroy the life of the identity

What is difficult for me in explaining these thoughts is that the thoughts themselves are not from your familiar world or your universe, so it is not unusual that words do not need to describe something that is not of your body and time. in space. This is not unusual since you cannot hold thoughts, ideas or thoughts in your hands, spread them and analyze them with your physical apparatus. Of course, this knowledge of the true nature of the disease comes from others who are higher than me, who understand more than me, but I am motivated to explain it as best as I can.

I realized that I wasn’t very clear about what I mean when I say that illness results from conflicting beliefs, so I want to clarify what I mean when I say that the body. Illness is the result of an internal reaction to an unnatural collection and acceptance of negative, limiting and, in some cases, destructive beliefs. Disease is the result expressed in the human body in response to the accumulation or “excess” of negative beliefs. The important word here is obviously “too much”, because sometimes hatred, anger, dishonesty, etc. are natural feelings and emotions and can be a healthy response to certain stimuli.