The Importance of Health for Self Calm  

In life, we feel anxious feelings, so that it can increase the sense of doing the YourhighestTruth Ayahuasca ceremony. One thing that causes anxiety in our lives can be because of something we do every day or because it interference from other people or families, for example from a family perspective, problems can be caused by material things with a lack of material in any situation can trigger problems between families. triggering or causing anger and disturbance from other people, for example from our work superiors who have pressure on us so that targets in achieving production can be met, it is very triggering for self-comfort and health in ourselves we need to know in this life health is the most important thing in living life.

But some steps must be taken to gain peace of mind by controlling ourselves. Like thinking about and being grateful for the existing situation. Thinking and being grateful makes you calmer in dealing with anything, by seeing and looking at those who are lower in degree than ourselves, so the feeling of anxiety will easily disappear by itself. Sometimes in finding peace there are several ways we can do, such as limiting the use of cell phones. Cellphones are very influential when looking at accounts that can damage our minds while in the

Our serenity requires a fresh mind to live our daily lives and activities. factors to gain self-confidence for example a harmonious family, a good environment, and friends who are always supportive in any situation. So that it can be concluded that we can take the importance of health for self-comfort, one of which is to maintain health externally and in external health examples, namely by exercising regularly every day and eating nutritious food 4 healthy 5 perfect and maintaining personal hygiene

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